Be impatient to achieve your goals


To be patient, you need time. If we wait, time will change the known. Time brings the unknown faster than we think. We have to use the time to make the unknown manageable. Reacting quickly by evaluating the opportunities and handling the changes is the key success factor for organisations and companies.

Too often, processes and procedures are analysed for a long time and then overtaken by the market. The use of software in a prominent position as a strategy, and not as a service, will increase your flexibility and is the only way to master the future. We are here to enable you to use the correct software solutions.

Success is not determined by analysis alone or only by waiting in the current state. Only those who integrate, analyse and operationalise data make data-driven decisions and act. We’re making an impact with digital services powered by passion and new visions, always transforming mindsets and markets.

Solutions for your digital commerce to speed up and automate your customers wish fulfillments


Our Platforms to be one step ahead: Build for today, design for tomorrow!


At the core of HYDRAapp lies its namesake inspiration – the mythological multi-headed serpent. Just as the legendary Hydra possessed regenerative powers, our framework adapts and evolves to meet the diverse needs of modern app development. With HYDRApp, you’re not just building an app; you’re forging a digital masterpiece that can seamlessly navigate across platforms and devices.

Why choose HYDRA? It’s simple: HYDRA offers the perfect blend of native performance and web flexibility. Harness the raw power of native functionality while enjoying the convenience of web technologies. Whether you’re targeting iOS, Android, or the web, HYDRA ensures your app delivers a consistent and immersive user experience every time.


Rohan engine reforming the purchasing strategy with a data driven prediction engine for trending objects and products. Every season, your buyers try to predict the trends at trade fairs and buy products that have the potential to become top sellers.  Most of them end up sitting on bums and putting time and money into discount promotions trying to get rid of their old merchandise. Our AI was trained by external data from all known sales promotions. ROHAN knows all influencing factors which are relevant for promotional goods. 

Better purchasing decisions with AI-supported seasonal sales prediction to deliver the right product, at the right time, through your consumer’s channel of choice. 


One Channel to rule them all, One Channel to find them, One Chanel to bring them all and in the brightness bind them.

Numinor is the first platform for retail and e-commerce organisations to simplify and accelerate the ordering process. Your customer gets the fastest lane to place an order. Numenor can help speed up the order process of products 20x



Humans can differentiate and accurately identify objects, people, animals and places in photographs. Integrate the Eyebot into your B2C or B2B app to identify objects in printed brochures, real environments or use it in your scanning process for more accurate information from your mailings.

The Eyebot is trained to interpret visual information using computer vision applications and image recognition technology. AI-based recognition will enhance your automation level. Eyebot is connecting the analogue world with the digital, offering customers a new and fast shopping experience. Scan everything you need and Eyebot will generate the results you require.

Your Benefits with our platforms

They provide added value from day one

Our platforms are designed to start paying off for you right away. Our platforms are designed with the goal of providing a consistently great experience and adding value. This is achieved thanks to fast and uncomplicated integration of highly complex data sets.

They enhance your customer centric strategy

Customer-centric companies remove friction, pre-emptively solve problems and meet customer needs in unique ways. These companies often leverage powerful technology such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

They increase the return on investment

One of their advantages is to avoiding inconvenience and bad decisions. They are learning what your customers really want. Identifying their needs, requirements and expectations and helps you achieve better results and meet the most important needs of your customers.